2017 Annual Report Highlights Cross-disciplinary Partnerships

The 2017 Annual Report demonstrates how the PLJV partnership is building change for the long run and cross-pollinating among disciplines to up our overall game. The biologists are appreciating the importance of social science, the researchers are fine-tuning their understanding of Farm Bill programs to better target habitat, and habitat folks are requesting landscape design products more and more. We’re sure that you’ll see what we see and more, and we challenge you to bring all the disciplines to bear in today’s conservation challenges. Thank you for partnering with us!

We also want to especially thank the US Fish and Wildlife Service Southwest Region who provides over half of our funding through the Migratory Bird Program. Those funds support the Joint Venture’s operations and contribute to the partnership’s many accomplishments, some of which are highlighted in this report.

If you’d like printed copies of the report, please call us at 303-926-0777.

Posted: June 26, 2018