Science Advisory Team

The Playa Lakes Joint Venture (PLJV) Science Advisory Team, led by Conservation Science Director Anne Bartuszevige, is comprised of scientific, biological and technical professionals who work together to develop monitoring, evaluation and research plans and procedures. They provide the biological foundation for PLJV’s habitat conservation goals and actions. The team also reviews and sets guidelines for habitat and research project proposals, and makes funding recommendations to the Management Board.

  • Grant Beauprez, New Mexico Department of Game and Fish
  • Dan Collins, US Fish & Wildlife Service, Southwest Region
  • David Haukos, US Geological Survey, Cooperative Fish & Wildlife Unit at Kansas State University
  • David Klute, Colorado Parks & Wildlife
  • Ted LaGrange, Nebraska Game & Parks Commission
  • Susan Skagen, US Geological Survey

For more information, contact Anne Bartuszevige at (303) 926-0777.