Partnership’s Accomplishments Highlighted in 2018 Annual Report

PLJV’s 2018 annual report is now available, and we’d like to thank all of our partners! 2018 marked a great year of accomplishments for the Joint Venture and demonstrated our effectiveness as a partnership-driven organization. In addition to developing new tools for the benefit of our partnership and regional communities, such as the Kansas Water […]


First-year Results of Region-wide Bird Data Are In

Lark Bunting

Many species of grassland birds unique to the western Great Plains—such as Colorado’s state bird, the Lark Bunting—are in steep decline. What appears to be a small decline of 3% per year will amount to a loss of more than half of the Lark Bunting population over a 17-year period, and this is happening to […]


New Mapping Tool Shows Woody Encroachment in LEPC Habitat

A new woody encroachment data layer — available through the Southern Great Plains Crucial Habitat Assessment Tool (CHAT) web map — provides a broad-scale planning tool for resource managers to more effectively target Lesser Prairie-Chicken (LEPC) habitat improvement strategies. The data depict the extent and canopy cover of woody encroachment across the bird’s five-state range, […]