2016 PLJV ConocoPhillips Grant Proposal Review

Thank you for participating on the review team. Please follow the instructions below to download the necessary files, and complete your review by Friday, December 18.

This year, we’ve received twelve grant proposals, with a total request of $229,000. We believe that each proposal should take between 30-45 minutes to read, review and score, plus an additional half hour to rank order them, once you are through scoring each proposal. We estimate that your review will take you 6-9 hours. Please take this into consideration when you are planning your review time.

We are unsure of the exact amount of funding available this year, although we believe that there will be more requests than we can fund; please do not let the amount of funding requests color your scoring of proposals.


Download a zip file with the all the information you need to conduct your review, including:

  • All proposals (12 PDFs)
  • Staff assessment sheet noting eligibility and how projects address PLJV priorities (1 PDF)

You have been sent a link to an online Google Drive document, which includes instructions and all your individual review forms (one form for each proposal with the project name at the top of each form). You will be able to access this document through your browser and type directly onto the forms. Your edits are saved automatically. The forms contain questions designed to help with your review of each proposal’s merits. Please note that you are the only person who can make changes on this document, although PLJV staff will be able to view it.

When reviewing each proposal, please read through and answer all questions on the form. You should use the Staff Assessment document to help with some of these questions. Score each question (1-10); then total the score. Proposals should be scored on the merits of the proposal alone, not in comparison to others. Please add comments to justify your scoring. Comments do not have to be long, but should be a reflection of your reasoning for your scores and ultimate ranking. These comments have been very helpful in the past, especially if an overall rank is low. Proposal comments will be read to applicants, if requested, though the name of the reviewer will not be disclosed.

After reviewing all proposals go to the online ConocoPhillips Grant Proposal Ranking form and assign a rank to each proposal. Ranks should be developed comparing each to the other proposals. Your scores can be used as a guide for how to rank the proposals. Keep in mind that while total scores can be equal, you will not be able to equally rank any proposal.

The project ranks will be transferred to a spreadsheet, but reviewer names will not be included. The individual ranks for each project will be averaged and proposals ordered by averages; we’ll use proposal scores to break any ties in rank. You will see this spreadsheet, have a chance to give a final review, and bring up any issues before the ranks are presented to the Management Board.

Once you have completed the review, please email Christopher Rustay saying you have finished. Your review needs to be completed by December 18, 2015.

Conflict of Interest

Conflicts of interest have arisen in the past. A conflict of interest generally exists when a reviewer believes he or she will personally benefit from the proposal or is connected in some tangible way to the requesting organization (or with the specific department within large organizations). If you believe you have a conflict of interest, then please recuse yourself from scoring or commenting on that particular project. Please let us know by writing “RECUSED” in the area provided for scores. Also include a short note as to your reasoning.


If you have any questions about the review process, forms or instructions, please contact Christopher Rustay at christopher.rustay@pljv.org or 505-243-0737.