Conservation Partnership Contacts

There are many grassroots alliances of landowners, resource managers and community leaders working to conserve wildlife habitat within the PLJV region. To get involved, contact one of the local conservation partnerships in your area.


Prairie and Wetland Focus Area Committee

The Prairie and Wetland Focus Area Committee was created to facilitate the development of prairie and wetland conservation projects that provide ecological, wildlife, and societal benefits. The Committee is a voluntary partnership involving public and private individuals, state and federal agencies, and organizations. The Committee identifies and conserves quality prairie and wetland habitats distributed across the eastern Colorado landscape through project development and implementation. Participation is open to any person or organization with interest in prairie and wetlands conservation, enhancement, and restoration.

Laura Quattrini
Bird Conservancy of the Rockies
Southeast Colorado

South Platte Wetland Focus Area Committee

The South Platte Wetland Focus Area Committee (SPWFAC) is a working group of public and private partners organized to facilitate the development of wetland conservation projects. The purpose is to conserve wetlands that provide an array of ecological and societal benefits to the Colorado South Platte basin community. The SPWFAC is designed to facilitate wetland conservation efforts of local wetland managers by sharing information, synthesizing knowledge, forming partnerships, and pursuing financial resources, including those available through the Colorado Division of Wildlife Wetlands Program.

Noe Marymor
Bird Conservancy of the Rockies
Northeast Colorado
970-330-0380 ext 207


Kansas Alliance for Wetlands and Streams

The Kansas Alliance for Wetlands and Streams (KAWS) is a nonprofit organization that works with local people to create, protect and restore the state’s wetland and stream resources. Organized in 1996, KAWS provides its services through 12 local chapters that cover the entire state.

Jeff Neel, Executive Director

Kansas Grazing Lands Coalition

The Kansas Grazing Lands Coalition (KGLC) is a non-profit organization that works to regenerate Kansas grazing land resources through cooperative management, economics, ecology, production, education, and technical assistance programs. KGLC holds numerous meetings, coordinates tours and field days, conducts two adult range schools held each August, organized and supports the KS Prescribed Fire Council, supports regional grazing groups including the Tallgrass Legacy Alliance, Comanche Pool Prairie Resource Foundation, Smoky Hills Graziers Association, and Kansas Graziers Association while cultivating new groups in other geographic regions of Kansas.

Tim Christian


Platte River Basin Environments

Platte River Basin Environments, Inc. (PRBE) is a non-profit organization formed by a group of sportsmen of western Nebraska concerned about deteriorating conditions of important wildlife habitat and the natural areas in the North Platte River basin. Their mission is to preserve, conserve, enhance and restore vital wildlife habitat and natural areas within the North Platte River basin and adjacent drainages with a commitment to applying sound environmental science to determining projects to be undertaken, restoration work to be completed, enhancements to be done, and areas to be conserved and preserved.

Hod Kosman, President
North Platte River watershed


Sandhills Partnership

Erik Nelson
New Mexico State Land Office
Eastern New Mexico


Oklahoma Wildlife and Prairie Heritage Alliance

The Oklahoma Wildlife and Prairie Heritage Alliance (OWPHA) was formed to provide enhanced coordination, cooperation and communication to conserve the short and mixed grass prairie’s diverse habitat and unique wildlife. OWPHA distributes information to assist landowners, informs the region’s communities and businesses, and serves as a conduit for wildlife and prairie heritage programming opportunities for the area.

Coleta Bratton, Chair
Western Oklahoma


Sandhills Area Recreation Association

The Sandhill Area Recreation Association (SARA) was formed by South Plains landowners, farmers and ranchers in a joint effort to identify and promote their properties. Members of SARA are providing leadership and education in the conservation and wise use of the natural resources of this historic and scenic landscape.

Lacy Vardeman
Wes-Tex RC&D
Bailey, Cochran, Hockley and Lamb Counties

Ogallala Commons

Ogallala Commons, a non-profit organization started in 1999, fosters a holistic approach to community socio-economic development in the Great Plains region that is centered over the High Plains-Ogallala Aquifer. Ogallala Commons focuses on commonwealth because it is the foundation for building new careers and enterprises. It consists of both local and regional assets that can be enhanced, preserved, and invested in to create more resources over a long-term horizon.

Daryl Birkenfeld, Executive Director