Questions for Starting a Conservation Partnership

If you want to start a local conservation partnership, these questions may help crystallize your thinking on what may be involved. The answers to these questions can be turned into a written document to help guide participants within the group. If appropriate, you may want to develop a set of by-laws or guiding documents.

Program Mission

  • What is the purpose of establishing a local conservation partnership?
  • What are the current habitat needs in the area? Potential future needs?
  • What conservation goals should the group to work towards?

Program Organization

  • Who comprises the partnership and how do they communicate?
  • What organizations should be part of the program? Are landowners/producers to be included?
  • What should be required of participants?
  • How should participants interact?
  • How often should participants meet?
  • What is the connection to the Playa Lakes Joint Venture (PLJV)?

Program Processes

  • How does the partnership operate?
  • How should the program be structured legally?
  • What roles are required in the program?
  • Which participants can fulfill those roles?
  • How can the program’s continuous improvement be ensured?
  • How does the partnership communicate with the PLJV?

Program Strategy

  • Where and how does the partnership do conservation?
  • On which species and habitats should the program focus?
  • What tools should the program employ?
  • What funding is required and from what potential sources?
  • How should potential conservation sites be prioritized?
  • How should conservation applicants be recruited?
  • How should conservation applications be developed?
  • How should conservation applications be evaluated for funding?
  • How might the program vary over time?
  • How should conservation results be monitored and reported?
  • How should the program’s success be measured?