Free Playa Field Day on Feb. 15 in Tulia, Texas

Landowners, wildlife enthusiasts, and the interested public are invited to attend a Playa Field Day on Thursday, February 15, from 9:30am to 2:30pm. Activities will begin with coffee and refreshments at the Swisher County Annex Meeting Room (310 W. Broadway) in Tulia, Texas.

Playas are shallow, rain-fed wetlands found throughout the Great Plains. When wet, playas provide crucial habitat for many wildlife species that depend on water to survive. Playas also recharge water to the underlying aquifer, filter nutrients and chemicals from the surrounding watershed, and add recreational value to the region.

The morning session will include presentations about general playa characteristics, best management practices, and playa restoration programs, as well as a field trip to visit two nearby Swisher County playas that have been restored through the Texas Playa Conservation Initiative in the morning. After lunch, there will be a field demonstration led by Rachel Owen from the School of Natural Resources, University of Missouri-Columbia. The outdoor session will focus on identifying and assessing habitat and the actions that can be taken to improve habitat at any playa.

The workshop is sponsored by Ogallala Commons and its partners, the High Plains Water District and Texas Parks & Wildlife Department. Those attending are asked to wear clothing, footwear, and a hat suitable for the field tours. There is no charge for the event, though a $10 donation for lunch is appreciated. Contact Darryl Birkenfeld, Ogallala Commons Director, at 806-945-2255 for more information or to reserve a spot.

Posted: February 9, 2018