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Playa Country is a weekly radio show that features conservation and wildlife experts—as well as farmers, ranchers and land managers— talking about conservation practices that improve wildlife habitat and landowners’ bottom-line. Use the links to the right to browse episodes by topic or date. On each episode page, you can listen to the recording, read a full transcript and get more information and resources about the topic.

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Greater Prairie-Chicken

Greater Prairie-Chicken

A grouse of the open grassland, the Greater Prairie-Chicken is known for its mating dance, performed by males on flat display sites on shortgrass prairie called leks. Their range extends from northern Oklahoma through the Flinthills and northern Kansas, and on north through the centers of Nebraska and the Dakotas. Sarah Sortum and her brother found their way back to the family ranch in the central Nebraska sandhills by starting an eco-tourism business, allowing bird watchers to see this bird in its mixed-grass home.

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