PLJV 2016 Annual Report Available

The 2016 Annual Report, which is now available in print and as a PDF, demonstrates how the PLJV partnership continues to respond to conservation challenges across the region. Beyond the annual financial statement and acreage accomplishments for conservation delivery, the report also highlights our collaboration with the City of Clovis, New Mexico, to incorporate playa conservation into their municipal water strategy, how landscape design is informing our conservation planning and delivery, and the first year results from our six-state bird monitoring effort, IMBCR for PLJV. The report further illustrates how we will integrate more landowner feedback into conservation decision-making through human dimensions and how we are tapping into social media to share our work with new audiences.

Annual Reports are a good place to thank supporters, and we especially want to thank the US Fish and Wildlife Service Southwest Region who provides over half of our funding through the Migratory Bird Program. Those funds support the Joint Venture’s operations and contribute to the partnership’s many accomplishments that are highlighted in this report.

View and download the report.

Posted: January 27, 2017