Playas Spotlighted at Texan by Nature Conservation Wrangler Summit

Pictured (left to right): Jeff Raasch, TPWD; Mike Carter, PLJV; Mrs. Laura Bush; Bob Locke, Ducks Unlimited; and Don Kahl, TPWD. In October, the Texas Playa Conservation Initiative was one of six conservation projects featured at the first annual Conservation Wrangler Summit and Celebration hosted by Texan by Nature, an organization founded by Former First […]


The Power of One

Tish McDaniel

The power of one person, in the right place, at the right time, cannot be underestimated. Tish McDaniel, a range conservation scientist for CEHMM (The Center of Excellence) and a recent recipient of the Hamerstrom Award, is a prime example. She is the first to admit that at times it was like pushing against a […]