PLJV Capacity Grants

The PLJV Capacity Grant Program provides member states additional resources to deliver habitat conservation projects that address PLJV priorities. The grants are intended to increase the ongoing ability of states to develop and deliver habitat conservation, rather than directly support any particular habitat project. PLJV encourages grantees to identify bottlenecks in habitat delivery within their state and think about projects/programs that remove or reduce these bottlenecks.

Grantees may be focus areas, habitat partnerships, or other coalitions wanting to do habitat conservation work. Once funded, the partnerships work to strengthen their infrastructure and their ability to contribute to PLJV habitat objectives. While we do not expect immediate habitat accomplishments, continuing accomplishments are expected after two to three years. Our intent is to support groups to get them on their feet and move beyond current capabilities.

The Capacity Grant program is by invitation only. Capacity Grant proposals must be run through your state wildlife agency. Prospective grantees may contact PLJV at any time to discuss a project and explain how it will encourage additional and ongoing habitat conservation once PLJV funding for the project has stopped. If the project meets the program criteria, callers may be directed to talk with the appropriate PLJV state wildlife agency representative.