PLJV ConocoPhillips Grant Program

Grant Program Supports Bird Habitat Conservation

In 1990, shortly after Playa Lakes Joint Venture (PLJV) was formed, ConocoPhillips (then Phillips Petroleum) joined the Management Board—helping to create the business foundation of our operations and funding an annual grant program to support habitat conservation. Since the partnership began, more than $2.6 million in PLJV ConocoPhillips grants have been awarded to support more than 175 conservation projects throughout the PLJV region. With more than 9:1 partner match, those funds have been leveraged to over $20 million.

Cumulatively, the projects have affected over 89,800 acres of bird habitat—13,000 of which have been wetlands. The habitat projects have benefited 66 priority bird species including Whooping Crane, Greater and Lesser Prairie-Chicken, Mountain Plover, Long-billed Curlew, Chestnut-collared and McCown’s Longspur, Sprague’s Pipit, Least Tern, and Northern Pintail, plus many more bird and other wildlife species.

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2019 Grant RFP

PLJV Boundary Map

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PLJV announces the availability of funding for projects that address the PLJV mission within the Joint Venture’s boundaries, which includes portions of Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas (see map). Funding is available for habitat conservation projects that benefit grassland birds. This grant program is very competitive, so submitting a high-quality, high-leverage proposal is recommended.

Funding is limited to no more than $25,000 per project. At the minimum, proposals must be leveraged 1:1, with preference given to projects that have higher levels of leveraged funds, and must show support and involvement from state wildlife agencies and how the project fits with PLJV priorities. Projects selected are funded on a reimbursement basis, with all funds to be spent by Dec. 18, 2020.

Download the proposal instructions, template, and related documents using the links below.

Read through the requirements before developing your proposal, and pay close attention to the template and instructions to ensure your proposal is accepted. Send a PDF of your proposal to PLJV Conservation Delivery Leader Christopher Rustay at

Deadline: Applications are due by 5pm MDT on July 12, 2019. Applications submitted after this deadline will not be considered. Applicants will be notified of funding decisions the first week of October.