Landscape Design Minimum Standards

When is it appropriate to use landscape design? How does one know when the process is finished? PLJV developed the following list of minimum standards that a landscape design plan should meet.

Benefits Partners within Partnerships

  • Serves a specific need of a partner (a client) usually within a larger partnership-led effort
  • Embodies a commitment by partners to implement conservation actions specified in the landscape conservation design
  • Conducted by a multidisciplinary team of scientists and managers often including social scientists

Drives Effective and Efficient Conservation Action

  • Addresses a definitive and measurable conservation goal or set of goals
  • Addresses a specific or suite of specific current conservation programs and informs them as to need and development of new conservation practices/programs or change in how existing ones are used
  • Informs location and magnitude of conservation action in an efficient manner
  • Incorporates new information on landscape pattern and conservation progress iteratively, and nearly in real time (months not years)

Models Landscape Processes and Patterns

  • Acknowledges the impact of humans: their role in creating landscape patterns via economic development, societal needs and cultural traditions
  • Models processes that are thought to create current landscape patterns
  • Predicts future processes that may maintain, change, exacerbate or create new landscape patterns
  • Addresses all important processes and patterns simultaneously

Incorporates Specific Steps and/or Products

  • Depends on accurate, high quality and recent spatial data
  • Determines currently protected areas (i.e., conservation estate)
  • Delineates permanent human infrastructure
  • Evaluates progress toward the measurable goal at each step in the process
  • Generates spatially explicit products that demonstrate attainment of the goal and can be stepped down to guide local conservation action
  • Maintains listed assumptions and tests where needed/desired