Maps and Data

Effective conservation — from planning to implementation to monitoring — relies on having accurate, informative maps and spatial data. To help guide conservation decisions, Playa Lakes Joint Venture (PLJV) provides the following geospatial tools and data products, including interactive maps, source code for geospatial models, and downloadable data.

Interactive Playa Map

Playa Map

The PLJV Playa Map is a platform for conservation planning. This interactive map allows you to explore the playa region and investigate playas, wind farms, and other features of the landscape. Detailed playa information is available to guide conservation and planning activities, with particular attention paid to wind energy development, a growing, important influence in the western Great Plains. Subsequent versions will include additional features and tools to serve the PLJV partnership.

County Playa Maps (PDFs)

Sometimes, you just need a good old-fashioned map. These county based maps of probable playas can be viewed on a computer or printed out to take with you on the go. The maps were created using our region wide Probable playas dataset.

Open-source Tools and Collaboration

PLJV is committed to making science open and engaging with our agency partners and the public. On the technical-side, we share the source code used to generate most of our mapping products and spatial models. Our tools are made publicly available on Github, a repository used by software developers to share code. A collaborator can quickly and easily download our models and data, make changes, and share those contributions openly with the world.

Data Downloads

Quality data underlies all of our geospatial tools. While we have many ways to view and interact with those data on our website, you can also download it for yourself. View the list of downloadable data layers, including our probable playas and woody encroachment data.

Kansas Water Map

The Kansas Water Map, which provided information on current and historical surface water, is no longer available, but historical wetness data for playas in Kansas can still be viewed on our Playa Map.