Interactive Playa Map

Playa MapThe PLJV Playa Map is a platform for conservation planning. The interactive map allows you to explore the playa region and investigate playas, wind farms, and other features of the landscape. You can sort data by criteria you specify, upload your own shapefile to view a boundary on the map, and print what you see on the screen.

Current map data include playas, playa clusters, and a suite of layers relevant to wind energy development, including current wind turbine locations based on FAA data. Users can click on individual playas to get more information on playa size, playa condition, and the playa’s wetness frequency over time. The PLJV probable playas dataset is a regional compilation of several original data sources including the National Wetlands InventorySoil Survey Geographic database, and satellite imagery. These wetland data were analyzed for each state in the PLJV region—Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas—to create the most comprehensive playa location map possible using remote sources. The playas layer contains locations of more than 70,000 playas across the PLJV region. For more information on how they were created, download the release notes, which include a detailed list of the data sources and methods used.

Video Tour

Before you get started, you can view a short video, which walks you through the all the features and shows you how to use the tool.

Feedback and Comments

We encourage user feedback and would like to hear stories of how you’re using playa data in your work, all of which will help us to continue adding and improving our playa tools. Please send us your comments.