For Landowners & Ag Producers

The PLJV boundary in relation to the short- and mixed-grass prairie Bird Conservation Regions.

At Playa Lakes Joint Venture (PLJV), we believe landowners in our region have the ability to effect the biggest change on the landscape and, therefore, provide the greatest benefit to birds and bird habitat through their conservation efforts. We know these lands — lands that give us a foothold to ensure species make it into the next century — exist only because of decades of multi-generational stewardship. Although it is not our primary mission, we are deeply invested in helping to make sure producers stay on the landscape so this stewardship may continue. We view the loss of family farms and ranches as a loss for birds, which is why we work to craft Farm Bill programs that are good for both wildlife and landowners’ bottom line.

As conservationists, we work with private landowners to conserve soil, protect streams and increase recharge to aquifers. We respect their knowledge and experience when it comes to wildlife, habitat, water and what makes sense for nature. The fact that ranchers and farmers understand nature makes our work easier; in return, we hope our work benefits the farmers and ranchers of this region. We know situations involving different perspectives can seem confrontational at times, but can often be resolved by a collaborative conversation focused on win-win solutions. PLJV wants to promote and be involved in these collaborative discussions with the landowners in our region.