Find Playas by County

Map showing counties with playas.

Map showing counties with playas.

Wondering how many playas are in your backyard? Playa Maps are available from the Playa Lakes Joint Venture (PLJV) that identify the locations of more than 80,000 playas in counties across six states in the region. These maps can help landowners identify wetland resources on their properties or in their area.

Mapping playas can be problematic. Given the temporary nature of playas, and that many have been lost to sedimentation, some playas may not be mapped or, conversely, mapped playas may not exist anymore.

Locating playas from the ground isn’t any simpler. Playas are relatively small, indistinct features compared to their surroundings and are easy to overlook amid the flat, prairie landscape or in a cornfield. Only from above can one truly appreciate the abundance and proximity of the wetlands.

The Playa County Maps are available to download individually as PDFs.