Management Board Tutorials

Over its nearly 25-year history, PLJV has accomplished much and grown into its own very comfortable culture. The series of tutorials listed below was developed with the new Management Board member in mind — to relay how we do business, what the business is, and how you contribute to our continued success. We have also found that seasoned Management Board representatives are learning something from the tutorials, as well as new and old staff, so all are welcome to take the tour of PLJV.

Some of what is relayed is intangible and is in the realm of institutional knowledge, such as 1) we meet in Kansas, Oklahoma or Texas in the winter and the other states in the summer, and 2) although we often work through very difficult issues, and from different organizational perspectives, the culture of team is paramount. More tangibly, the partnership is large, complex, and has many moving parts that can be difficult to sort out in the first few Management Board meetings. PLJV functions in an environment where there is a multitude of programs, organizations, and societal issues that all need to be digested before anyone can be effective in their work here. In short, because of our history of success, and an esprit de corps that has developed over the years, we have a lot to protect as we continue working together and want you to appreciate that history too.

The tutorials simultaneously document the above while educating about PLJV. They should be viewed sequentially (as numbered) since each builds upon its predecessor. We hope they are informative and that you revisit them as desired. Finally, we appreciate everyone’s time and devotion to PLJV. We hope the tutorials flatten and shorten the learning curve and enable a quick engagement for everyone.

Tutorials: The Basics

  1. What Are Playas?
  2. What Is a Joint Venture?
  3. Roles and Responsibilities of a Management Board Member
  4. PLJV Structure and Function (Updated Dec. 11, 2020)
  5. ConocoPhillips Grant Program
  6. Capacity Grant Program
  7. NAWCA Grants (Updated Jan. 19, 2017)

Tutorials: Individual Elements & Projects