Playa Recharge and Wetness Estimators

PLJV has developed a new set of online tools, the Playa Recharge and Wetness Estimators, that bring playas and their connection to the Ogallala aquifer to life for farmers, ranchers, resource managers, and others throughout our region. Producers and community members can compare our data to their personal experiences of how water behaves in local playas, which we hope will spur conversation about playa conservation, water supplies, and the aquifer.

The Playa Estimators are built on a simple, interactive map platform, pictured below, which allows anyone to explore the playa landscape, calculate how much water playas can provide to the aquifer, and learn when they experience seasonal wetness. Click on an image below to start using the Playa Estimators.

The Playa Recharge and Wetness Estimators were launched at the end of 2020, thanks to generous funding from USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service and Texas High Plains Underground Water District.