PLJV ConocoPhillips Grant Helps Protect North Platte River Habitat

Ducks Unlimited used a 2017 PLJV ConocoPhillips grant to help acquire a permanent conservation easement that protects 164 acres of North Platte River frontage in Nebraska. Completion of this project brings the total protected acres along the North Platte River in Scotts Bluff County to over 7,800 acres. In protecting this property, Wetlands America Trust (fee-title and conservation easement holding arm of Ducks Unlimited) now holds conservation easements on both sides of the North Platte River along this stretch.

“We had a rare opportunity to secure protection on both sides of the river, which is critically important for true landscape level protection,” says Ducks Unlimited Biologist Tom Peterson. “Having partners such as the PLJV and ConocoPhillips allows us to work with private landowners to protect and restore valuable wetland habitat that is critical to the hundreds of thousand waterfowl that use this stretch of river extensively during migration and wintering periods. The growing interest from conservation minded landowners in this region demonstrates the successful and significant impact that many conservation organizations are having in this landscape.”

The North Platte River protection effort by Ducks Unlimited and it’s partners is an ongoing effort to perpetually protect critical habitat for millions of migratory birds and other wildlife that use the North Platte River. Peterson recently secured two small NAWCA grants that will protect two additional parcels along the North Platte River demonstrating the interest and determination to protect this valuable resource for future generations to enjoy.

Photo credit: Ducks Unlimited

Posted: April 18, 2017