PLJV Develops Landscape Design Conservation Plan for Texas Landowner

Over the past year, PLJV has been working with Barrett and Carol Pierce to develop a landscape design conservation plan for their property, Rio Farms, in Texas. After a full-day, in-person meeting to discuss objectives and gather information, the PLJV team worked closely with the landowners to create a powerful framework to guide conservation efforts on the Pierce’s farms.

“The plan will guide conservation efforts for many years,” said Barrett Pierce. “We have already initiated the restoration and protection of the playa lakes associated with our farms and are also restoring our non-irrigated corners to native grasses and forbs, including pollinator plants. The added diversity around the irrigated circles has allowed the native prairie birds and wildlife to flourish.”

“Sometimes we step back and marvel at the forward-thinking landowners we encounter in our Joint Venture work, and that certainly includes Barrett and Carol,” notes Conservation Science Director Anne Bartuszevige. “It is a pleasure working with them and witnessing their commitment to conservation and stewardship.”

As a result of the collaboration, Rio Petroleum and Rio Real Estate — Barrett and Carol Pierce family-owned entities — awarded their 2019 Texas Wildlife Grant of $5,000 to PLJV for conserving and restoring grasslands and playas that benefit birds, other wildlife, and the people of Texas and the western Great Plains. The award recognizes PLJV’s large partnership work, including the Texas Playa Conservation Initiative and the Integrated Monitoring in Bird Conservation Regions Program for PLJV, as well as the landscape design conservation plan developed for Rio Farms.

“Playa Lakes Joint Venture has demonstrated a strong commitment and a comprehensive approach to conservation work in our community, and we applaud those efforts,” said Barrett Pierce.

Posted: October 15, 2018