Playa Country Radio Show

Playa Country is a 4½ minute weekly radio show focusing on the wildlife, wetlands and prairies of the western Great Plains, and the people who manage them. The show is a production of Playa Lakes Joint Venture, an organization dedicated to conserving birds and bird habitat.

This outreach effort is aimed at landowners and habitat managers. It focuses on how to manage the wetlands and prairies that make up this semi-arid region for the benefit of local residents, birds and other wildlife. Episodes are informative — and good storytelling makes them captivating. We talk to conservation and wildlife experts, as well as farmers, ranchers and land managers, about topics such as removing invasive shrubs to provide more water and forage, grazing management, the impact of fire on the landscape, and the important role playa wetlands have in recharging Ogallala aquifer.

Demo Shows

Click on a link below to listen to a demo episode.

  • What Is a Playa?
    University of Kansas geologist Bill Johnson and Texas Tech’s Ken Rainwater discuss origins of High Plains playas, their composition, and emerging information that the region’s more than 80,000 playas are the primary source of groundwater recharge.
  • A Playa Rehabilitation Story
    New Mexico rancher John Wood has a 160-200 acre playa, named Buffalo Lake, in his pasture. Several years ago, The Nature Conservancy’s Tish McDaniel of Clovis, New Mexico, consulted Wood and assisted in restoring his playa.
  • Playas Create Biodiversity
    Some 200 species of birds and other animals owe their ability to survive in the High Plains landscape to the existence of playas. Learn what flora and fauna are found in and adjacent to playas and how they support the biannual bird migration through this region.

Claim Playa Country as Public Affairs

Your listeners will find the show informative and its educational mission about pertinent regional topics qualifies the show as public affairs programming. We make it easy for you to include this weekly content in your Public Affairs reporting. PLJV includes an episode manifest — with the topic and interviewee information (names, titles or area of expertise) for each episode — in each 4-episode zip file. The current episode manifest can also be downloaded from the episode downloads webpage. The manifests are provided as Excel files so show infomration can be easily sorted and or searched. The data may also be copied and pasted into your Quarterly Issues and Programs List to bolster reporting of your station’s public affairs performance.

Easy Acquisition

Episode acquisition is easy. Radio stations can download a zip file with all the episodes needed for four weeks. New batches of episodes are published to the episode downloads webage at least a month in advance of the scheduled air date. To download the audio files or issues report, visit the Playa Country Radio Downloads page.

Show Specs

Episodes time precisely to 4:29 to make life easier for programming staff at automated stations. Episodes are delivered as single-track mono MP3 files encoded at 64 kb/s and sampled at the “Redbook” standard 44.1 kHz.

We Provide Promos

For stations wishing to forward promote Playa Country, we’re happy to record custom show promos for your station. Let Playa Country help increase listeners’ Time Spent Listening. Run a series of 30-second promos ROS the two or three days leading up to the show. Encourage your listeners to actively anticipate each week’s episode. Email us your copy, or just provide the day/time you air Playa Country, and we’ll write and produce promos.

A show blurb will accompany each episode on the downloads page, making it easy for live hosts to talk-up episodes prior to air.