Three NAWCA grants awarded to projects in PLJV region

Ducks Unlimited was recently awarded three standard NAWCA grants for projects located in the PLJV region: Kansas Prairie Wetlands VI in Kansas, North Platte River Wetlands III in Nebraska, and Platte River Wetlands Partnership V in Colorado. The projects will restore, enhance and protect riparian habitat as well as playa wetlands.

Kansas Prairie Wetlands VI

This next phase of the Kansas Prairie Wetlands project will join with PLJVs efforts to include wetland conservation as a solution to providing water to communities with jeopardized water sources. The project will conserve more than 20,000 acres of wetlands and other habitats, including wetlands deemed critical to waterfowl and other birds. This will provide important migration stopover habitat on both public and private lands. Restoring over 1,400 acres of playas and associated uplands will be part of the larger benefits of this project.

North Platte River Wetlands III

The North Platte River is a vital resource for not only communities of ranchers and farmers, but also for more than 225 different migratory birds; yet demands on water resources threaten the ability of the river to provide waterfowl habitat. Developed by Tom Peterson with Ducks Unlimited, and partners, it will continue an ongoing effort to restore these important wetlands through fee-title acquisitions and conservation easements, as well as using restoration techniques, such as sediment removal, embankment construction and improving grazing infrastructure. The projects included in this grant will focus on the protection and restoration of almost 2,000 acres of emergent wetlands, riverine and riparian habitat, and associated uplands in the North Platte River Valley.

Platte River Wetlands Partnership V

Ducks Unlimited, along with additional partners, will use NAWCA funds to conserve over 4,400 acres of wetlands and other associated habitats in the South Platte River Basin in northeastern Colorado. Developed by Matt Reddy, the focus will be on public properties along the river or areas adjoining properties that have already been conserved. This grant encompasses 14 sub-projects which will provide protection and restoration of quality habitat for over 1,500,000 migrating waterfowl, primarily Mallards and Northern Pintails. Conserving these wetlands will also benefit shorebirds and other wildlife abundant in the area. Seven of the tracts in the proposal are open to waterfowl hunting and other wildlife-related recreation, supporting a waterfowling tradition in this area of Colorado.

Photos of Platte River NAWCA grant projects provided courtesy of Ducks Unlimited.

Interested in applying for a small NAWCA?
The NAWCA Small Grants Program can help fund small-scale wetlands projects, with up to $100,000 requested. These grants are perfect and relatively easy to develop for the restoration and protection of small playa wetlands. If you are interested in submitting a proposal, we can help you understand the application process and assist with proposal development. The deadline for small NAWCA grant applications is October 15, 2020. If you are interested in developing a NAWCA small grant proposal, contact Christopher Rustay at or 505-414-0342.
Posted: July 16, 2020