NRCS Lesser Prairie-Chicken Initiative

The Natural Resources Conservation Service’s Lesser Prairie-Chicken Initiative funds managed-grazing programs that help the grass and therefore the rancher’s bottom line, and also help support the habitat of the Lesser Prairie-Chicken. Learn about cost-share funds in the Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) that help ranchers with projects related to managed grazing. These EQIP funds available under the Initiative are a “life saver” for land coming out of CRP, helping them be reverted to grazing land rather than plowed and planted to crops.

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Grazing Management on the Weaver Ranch

Jim Weaver

When Jim Weaver purchased his ranch in southeast New Mexico in the 1980s, decades of mismanagement had left the grasslands overrun by shinnery, short shin-oak plants that impede grass growth by sequestering water in the root system. Weaver Ranch Manager Willard Heck discusses benefits of limiting shin-oak to let the tall grasses return.

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Managing for Drought

Much of the western Great Plains has been in a two-year drought, with parts of the region in exceptional drought. How do ranchers and range managers plan, operate, and protect their grasslands under these conditions? A strategic plan is essential.

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