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Habitat Conservation Resources

As a bird habitat joint venture, our job is to help partners implement on-the-ground conservation, restoration, and enhancement projects that support all birds within our region, whether they reside here year-round or are passing through during migration. One of the ways we accomplish that is by providing resources and tools to guide habitat conservation efforts. We also work to remove bottlenecks that impede conservation.

Our biological planning and decision support tools help wildlife agencies, conservation groups, and other partners design effective and efficient conservation programs and strategies that result in the greatest benefits to birds. These tools are based on the latest science and the best available avian and geospatial data and are subject to rigorous review and revision.

When appropriate, we also provide biological and social science information to help agencies develop and implement large conservation programs and initiatives that benefit both wildlife and agricultural interests. For instance, the Migratory Birds, Butterflies, and Pollinators Habitat SAFE was designed after PLJV held focus groups with landowners to listen to their considerations and concerns about managing playas within their operations.

In this section, you’ll find conservation resources to help implement habitat conservation.


Whether you are a conservation organization, a landowner, or a community member, we are available to help you conserve grasslands, playas, and other wetlands.

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